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Why to study at MSIC

1.  High quality education in art field

MSIC is all  about experts. The outstanding art teachers will share their knowledge and experience with you. 

They not only set the solid  theoretical  foundation, but help you to reveal your talents, show your charisma and educate you to become a high - demand specialist.

 2. Multifaceted realization of your artistic potential

MSIC is a multifaceted institute. Different fields of art are integrated and interconnected here - which provide you with deeper                      introspection and ultimately help you fully release your potential.

MSIC students is a creative mixture!

 3. Institute location

  • Located in one of the most picturesque places of Moscow suburbs with the the river view where cruise ships pass by
  • Surrounded with shady parks, which makes it easier for students to create beautiful art. 
  • Academic buildings are located 3 minutes on foot from dorms.
  • There are lots of cafes with reasonable prices next to the institute. 
  • It will take you just  30 minutes to get to the centre of Moscow!

 4. Various extra-curricular activities

  MSIC holds plenty of extra curricular activities e.g. theatrical performances, philosophical discussion clubs, various events - you can demonstrate your organization skills there. There are often MSIC graduators at these events who share their experience and precious tips with students.

 5. Creative atmosphere

  Once you are at academic buildings of MSIC, you are surrounded with  creative atmosphere.

  You hardly reach a lift and you are either at craft art exhibition or at final choir rehearsal or the concert.

  You go upstairs and observe an accordionist at his final rehearsal,  while walking the long halls of institute you see students of vocal art department - dressed up in beautiful gowns, they are performing arias, students of visual arts department are shooting a new video,  actors of Theatre Art department are rehearsing a new play and dancers are warming up to start a class...