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Faculty of Media Communications and Audiovisual Art

Master degree programs (training direction+program)

42.04.01 Advertising and Public Relations

Creativity in Advertising and Public Relations

42.04.02 Journalism

Television and Radio

51.04.02 Folk Artistic Culture

Artistic Photo Art

54.04.01 Design

Environmental design

Faculty of State Cultural Policy

Master degree programs (training direction+program)

43.04.02 Tourism

Organizing and Managing Tourist Business

51.04.01 Culturology

Cultural and Social Communications: Analytics and Pragmatics

51.04.02 Folk Artistic Culture

The Russians’ Cultural Heritage

51.04.03 Social and Cultural Activity

Designing Cultural and Creative Programs

Management of Social and Cultural Activity

Social and Cultural Technologies in Leisure Industry

51.04.04 Museum Management Studies and Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites

Theory and Practice of Museum Designing

51.04.06 Library and Information Activity

Theory and Methodology of Library and Information Activity Management;

Library and Information Technologies: Theory and Methodology;

Theory and Methodology of Information and Analysis Activity.